You are the air traffic controller in command trying to land all airplanes safely on their own runway. Touch an airplane and guide it to the correct runway on your airfield. But not only planes, there are also helicopters and zeppelins. And that’s not all! There are multiple maps with awesome features you need to discover yourself!

Every level has a different airfield where planes and helicopters will start spawning slowly. When you touch an airplane you can draw a line to the correct runway that is lighting up and land the plane. But you need to watch out that it does not crash into other aircrafts which will be appearing faster and faster! Can you get the best score and unlock all levels?


  • Multiple Maps
  • Online highscores
  • Different aircrafts and helicopters
  • Get the best high score and combo
  • Check your statistics and see how good you are!
  • Zeppelin and special levels
  • Unlock all levels!


  • Full network access, for analytics, supplying ads and in app purchases and online highscores!


You can download Airfield Control here: Download Airfield Control